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Full-Screen PV Module appeared at the 4th China International PV Industry Summit Forum 2021

Full-Screen PV Module appeared at the 4th China International PV Industry Summit Forum 2021

September 9th to 10th, DAH Solar was invited to attend the 4th China International PV Industry Summit Forum 2021, exhibiting our patented product Full-Screen PV Module and innovated product Low-Current PV Module. Both products rely on the innovative technical processes, the excellent power generation gain and practical value have been unanimously recognized by the industry experts, as well as the high praise of  many professional media chanel in PV industry. What is Full-Screen PV Module There is no frame on the front of the Full-Screen PV Module, but a whole piece of glass. The side uses a Curved Surface 128° R Angle with Prefect tactile, which not only has a good anti-collision effect on the modules, but also has a more beautiful appearance and a better handling feel,Optimized Delivery and Installation Experience.A simple understanding of the full-screen module is similar to the full-screen mobile phone we use, which can be seen at a glance by comparing the photos below. What are the core advantages of Full-Screen PV Module compared to Normal PV Module? No water, No dirt left on the Surface, Full Screen PV Module is capable to decrease power generation loss.The modules are operated outdoors all year round. Due to the height difference between the frame and the glass, the rainwater cannot be drained out of the normal modules. In rainy and snowy weather, or in areas with heavy dust, the modules are prone to water and dust accumulation, especially at the bottom of the module, which affects the power generation of the entire module. For full-screen module there is no height difference between the frame and the glass, No water No dirt left on the Surface and it Design Strong Self-cleaning Ability, Effectively reduce power generation loss, as well as manual cleaning frequency and operation and maintenance costs. How much does water and dirt affect the power generation of normal modules? The average power generation loss is over 6%. Research by professional institutions has shown that among the various factors that affect power generation, module dirt and shadowing account for 25%, which is also confirmed by outdoor filed comparison experiment between full-screen and normal modules. The test data of past year shows that, without manual cleaning and only natural washing by rain, the average power generation of the 182 full-screen module with the same battery and version is 6.15% higher than that of the 182 normal module.,in some days even higher than 9.62%. With time, due to the continuous accumulation of dust, the difference in power generation between the full screen and the normal modules will gradually increase. The front of the module is all glass, how reliable is it? No difference from normal modules. The full-screen PV modules adopts a unique and innovative structural design to make it have the same reliability as normal modules. This is also one of the core technologies of the full-screen PV module patent. Acc...

SNEC 2021 | DAH Solar is known as the "Dark horse" in the PV industry


From June 3rd to June 5th,SNEC's 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference & Exhibition arrived as scheduled. After experiencing the worlds largest epidemic in recent years, this years SNEC can be described as "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" ,Crowded. In this exhibition, DAH Solar Smart Photovoltaic Exhibition Hall brought three industry-level innovative products to the W1-320 booth, which brought surprises to the entire exhibition and the entire industry. Innovative products were placed in the headlines by major media. This exhibition DAH Solar is also hailed as the "Dark horse" of the PV industry.

Inventory of the six characteristics of DAH Solar SNEC

Key 1: Innovative products, three arrows are launched

In this exhibition, Daheng Energy achieved leapfrog breakthroughs in terms of market demand, industry pain points, and technological problems, and released three industry-level innovative products, which became the focus of the audience.

New product 1: SolarUnit leading the residential use solar system "home appliances"

Low-carbon leads fashion, innovation changes life! SolarUnit based on the user's point of view, combines residential scenarios, and point at industry shortages to provide users with a design-free, one-stop, customized new generation of residential photovoltaic systems. In addition, Full Screen design well combines the Industrial Aesthetics with architectural aesthetics, The G3 Semiconductor Technology, To comparing traditional PV system, Power generation increased by 25%.

New product 2: DAH Solar ''Full-Screen'' PV module -Revolutionary patented products to overcome industry problems

As a patented product independently researched and developed by DAH Solar ''Full-Screen'' PV module is coming.The Full-Screen PV module adopts a frameless design on the A side, Strong Self-cleaning Ability,Full Screen PV module is capable to decrease power generation loss caused by Dust, reduce the hot spot risk, and increase power generation by 6.15%. At the same time,the Full Screen PV module adopts a brand-new structural design and Revolutionary Packaging Technology,making this module not only beautiful and efficient.It's firmness Rivals the Architectural Curtain Wall's,

New product 3: Low-current pv module , unique Low current technology, higher system compatibility

The low current module adopts DAH Solar's unique 1/3cut process and multi-bus grid technology, so that the current of this module can be as low as 8.95A, reducing the power loss of the module and increasing the efficiency by more than 1.5%. In addition, this module has better system compatibility. Under the same installed capacity, the system voltage is higher, the inverter starts earlier, and the power generation capacity is higher.

Key 2: Fashion booth audio-visual feast

SNEC 2021, DAH Solar created a new theme booth of "Fashion, Technology, and Future", fully highlighting the theme of the booth from the overall style, color matching, product layout, to the audio-visual experience. At the same time, it makes full use of multi-screen linkage, stage spotlights and high-quality audio to make this exhibition a big show full of fashion and technology.

Key 3: VR Showroom Global Appreciation

In order to allow global customers and partners to participate in the exhibition, DAH Solar released an online VR showroom on the Chinese and English official website, Customers andpartners from all over the world are welcome to watch the exhibition through online live stream VR exhibition hall.

Key 4: New product launch A new ear is coming

On the morning of June 3, DAH Solar's "Innovation in Green Energy A new ear is coming" global new product launch conference officially started. SolarUnit smart PV system and global new product release of full-screen module. third-party certification . Mr. Xu, general manager of TUV China solar energy and commercial product services, awarded DAH SolarUnit the world’s first Smart PV system -SolarUnit TÜV certification.The full-screen components have also been patented.

Key5: High-end forums talk about the future

Develop green energy and help the dual-carbon goal. in recent years, the residential photovoltaic market has developed rapidly. DAH Solar held a "Household PV New Era" theme salon at this exhibition, and specially invited Mr. Zhang Yikang, chairman of Shandong Greentown Solar Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Chao, co-founder of Photoelectric Media and editor-in-chief of PV, Anhui Mr. Shen Jun, Director of Domestic Sales Center of Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., jointly discussed the development status and future trends of the household PV market.

Key6:DAH Solar style, the most beautiful moment

Professional achievement value, service achievement future. DAH Solar employees use practical actions to interpret Daheng's corporate philosophy of "creating value for customers". It is with such an excellent team that DAH Solar has been able to develop so rapidly in the past few years.

SNEC 2021, DAH Solar's ability to become a "dark horse" that stands out is inseparable from the "innovation" and "ingenuity" that it has adhered to for more than ten years. DAH Solar has always insisted on continuously driving the development of the enterprise with innovative thinking and ingenuity, and accurately meeting user needs with diversified products. An excellent company will never follow blindly, but insist on speaking with products and continuously create value for customers. I believe that in the near future, DAH Solar will surely become a benchmark in the industry segment.

Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., LTD (DAH Solar for short) was established in 2009 with capacity 1.5GW per year. we are a National High-Tech Enterprise,specialized in PV Modules development and manufacturing, PV power station construction and operation, maintenance and investment.   Our products have been approved by international certification like TUV,CE,CEC,INMETRO,FIDE etc.and domestic certification like CQC,Leader,ISO9001,ISO14001、OHSAS18001,etc. DAH Solar has already rooted in domestic market, in the same time, DAH Solar is actively exploring the international market, and has established the sales network in more than 100 countries all over the world.   DAH Solar continuously invests on the  R&D of the products and has already gained more than 100 patents at present. New innovation products Solar Unit and Full screen modules which developed by DAH solar R&D team has just been released and achieved mass production. These innovative products are at the forefront of the industry.

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