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DAH Solar Received “Top Brand PV 2024” at SNEC 2024

DAH Solar Received “Top Brand PV 2024” at SNEC 2024

DAH Solar Received “Top Brand PV 2024” at SNEC 2024   On June 14th, EUPD Research awarded DAH Solar with the "Top Brand PV 2024" award for Brazilian market at the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai. The prestigious seal recognized DAH Solar’s exceptional performance in the photovoltaic module industry and its strong customer reputation.   Brazil has always been a key market for DAH Solar. DAH Solar has consistently ranked as “The top three photovoltaic influence brands in Brazil” which proved it has industry-leading technology, management, and customer value standards in the minds of its local consumers. DAH also set up a branch office in Sao Paulo with a professional team to serve local customers. In 2024, DAH Solar held several roadshows to have more interactive communication with installers.   EUPD Research Vice President Daniel Fuchs presented the award and congratulated DAH Solar, affirming its significant brand influence among customers. As a well-known and authoritative certification body in the industry, EUPD Research has over 20 years of experience in photovoltaic market analysis and end-user research. The Top Brand PV seal is awarded to companies that receive excellent ratings in EUPD Research’s ‘Global PV Installer Monitor’ survey of solar installers worldwide.    As the founder and master of frame-less PV Module, the Full-Screen PV Modules of DAH Solar have been chosen by over 10,000 power stations worldwide and won a widespread positive reputation. The Full-Screen PV Modules have no frames on all four sides on the front, leading to an increase of power generation by 6-15%. In 2024 DAH Solar expands the Full-Screen product line by incorporating Full-Screen and other advanced technologies such as double-glass and DBB no-bus-bar technology, starting the Full-Screen era.   As the concept of green and sustainable development continues to gain global consensus, DAH Solar is committed to advancing alongside the industry, marching towards energy transition with innovative and reliable products.   DAH Solar, the founder and master of frameless module.

  • DAH Solar Showcased Newest Products of Full-Screen Series at Intersolar2024
    DAH Solar Showcased Newest Products of Full-Screen Series at Intersolar2024

    DAH Solar Showcased Newest Products of Full-Screen Series at Intersolar2024 During June 19th to June 21st, DAH Solar attended the world’s leading expo, the Intersolar(Europe) at Messe München and showcased a series of new products derived from the Full-Screen: Full-Screen Rectangular Double-Glass PV Module and Full-Screen Colored PV Module, rising the Full-Screen application to a new level. Meanwhile, DAH Solar also brought world’s first integrated solar system SolarUnit and newest storage products which will be the absolute choice for customers who are looking for easy installation and high efficiency.    Upgrades always come from the pioneer. Being the founder and master of frame-less module,DAH Solar always maintainsa unique advantage in the field of the Full-Screentechnologyresearch and development. DAH Solar genuinely incorporated Full-Screen technology with advanced technologies such asrectangular cell, DBB technology (Zero-Busbar cell) and double-glass, officially starting the Full-Screen era. The Full-Screen Rectangular Double-Glass PV Module which are showcased in the middle of the booth left strong impressions for visitors. The combination of Full-Screen and double-glass can lead to higher efficiency of 6-15% power generation increase and higher reliability and stronger weather resistance. By adopting rectangular cell, the module can have higher power generation and lower BOS costs.The Full-Screen DBB(Dense-Busbar) PV Module eliminates the bus bar of the printed, reduces the shading area, achieves 20%+ silver consumption reduction, increases 0.1%+ conversion efficiency, and increases the average power of the module by more than 3W. The Full-Screen Colored Module that DAH Solar newly launched shed new lights on BIPV. The module uses high temperature glazing process, multi-color can be customized, -40℃~85℃ stable weather resistance, color can be maintained for 30 years.   The SolarUnit, the world’s first integrated photovoltaic system, got people stop to discover its All-in-one design.The micro-inverter and modules are assembled in the factory and are packaged in an independent distribution, installation and delivery will be much easier.   On this most forward-thinking and inspiring renewable energy trade exhibition,innovation is a ever-lasting theme that is always expected by visitors.As an innovative leading company, DAH Solar delivered satisfactory results to the visitors. Regarding technological innovation as the source of continuous progress, DAH Solar will constantly provide customers with innovative and reliable products and have innovation empower the energy transition path.   DAH Solar, the founder and master of frameless module. 

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  • DAH Solar Start the Full-Screen Era with New Products at SNEC2024
    DAH Solar Start the Full-Screen Era with New Products at SNEC2024

    DAH Solar Start the Full-Screen Era with New Products at SNEC2024 On June 13rd -15th, DAH Solar took part in the 17th(2024) SNEC at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center. The new products of DAH Solar’s Full-Screen series and the all scene application solutions made an impressive debut at the exhibition. The demonstrated innovative technology breakthroughs become another unalterable consolidation of DAH Solar’s position being a photovoltaic innovation leader. Being the founder and master of frameless module, DAH Solar is always seeking for the development and new possibilities of Full-Screen PV module. Currently the newly upgraded Full-Screen technology shows excellent compatibility by achieving superposition perfectly with all mainstream photovoltaic technologies. DAH Solar Full-Screen Rectangular Double-Glass PV module integrated industry-leading global patent Full-Screen technology and breakthrough double glass encapsulation process. The 85% high bifaciality rate brings a 5-25% power generation increase and the Full-Screen no-frame design effectively avoid 6-15% power generation loss due to ash accumulation. The adoption of rectangular cell and TOPCon high-efficiency cell technology greatly reduces the cost of single watt unit and raised the power generation of the module to a new level. The Full-Screen DBB(Dense-Busbar) PV Module eliminates the bus bar of the printed, reduces the shading area, achieves 20%+ silver consumption reduction, increases 0.1%+ conversion efficiency, and increases the average power of the module by more than 3W. The Full-Screen Colored Module and the all black series modules also win the favor of visitors oversea for their aesthetic design and lead the distributed scene aesthetic new fashion. In addition, DAH Solar also brought a number of theme technology sharing events where upstream and downstream industry experts exchanged and discussed the innovative application of advanced technology. Technological innovation is the significant way to drive the development of the photovoltaic industry as well as the core competitiveness of high-quality development of enterprises. DAH Solar regards technological innovation as the source of continuous progress, and will constantly lead the new trend of industry technology, open up unlimited possibilities for photovoltaic, and provide a more efficient and reliable green energy future for global users. DAH Solar, the founder and master of frameless module.

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  • Austra Energy Showcased Full-Screen PV Modules with DAH Solar at the Smart E
    Austra Energy Showcased Full-Screen PV Modules with DAH Solar at the Smart E

    Austra Energy Showcased Full-Screen PV Modules with DAH Solar at the Smart E Australian solar wholesaler Austra Energy showcased the Full-Screen PV Modules with DAH Solarat the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney. The booth attracted a lot of attention for its demonstration of a Full-Screen PV Module compared with a regular PV Module. The Full-Screen PV Modules have lower frames therefore can achieve no water and no dust accumulated at the bottom with a power generation increase of 6%-15%. DAH Solar’s Full-Screen PV Modules have a lowered frame, meaning water is able to run freely off the panel’s surface. The point of the design is to allow dusty residue to wash off the module easily unimpeded by the frame. This can allow the modules to be cleaned naturally by rain, leading to the great convenience of "self-cleaning". Austra Energy also add that "The key differences between DAH Solar's Full-Screen PV Modules and Longi's new Hi-MO X6 Guardian panel are that DAH Solar's  Full-Screen Modules have lowered frames on all sides, rather than simply the short side–as is the case with Longi. DAH Solar's product range covers both residential 440W and 475W panels and commercial and industrial (C&I) sized panels at 585W and 595W, aiming to provide high efficiency and high power generation solutions to various customers." The DAH panels are secured with a special rubber clamp, which is able to withstand temperatures up to 110°C, ensuring a longer life and a more reliable use. Being the founder and the master of the Full-Screen PV Modules, DAH Solar's Full-Screen PV Modules have been selected by more than 10,000 power stations, and the performance of the modules has experienced the precipitation of time for Full- Screen PV Modules have been into massive production of more than 3 years. As a technology leader in the photovoltaic industry, DAH Solar will always focus on its own technology accumulation and breakthroughs, providing new solutions and methods for energy transformation.

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  • “Full-Screen+” PV Module Starts A New Trend at PV EXPO & KEY ENERGY
    “Full-Screen+” PV Module Starts A New Trend at PV EXPO & KEY ENERGY

    “Full-Screen+” PV Module Starts A New Trend at PV EXPO & KEY ENERGY DAH Solar brought the global patent product “Full-Screen” PV Module to the Japan International EXPO which was on from February 28 to March 1 in Tokyo. The unique product strength of “Full-Screen” PV Module attracted much attention during the exhibition. The “Full-Screen” PV Module of DAH Solar has been identified as the representation of the innovative products in the industry. More than three years of continuous technology upgrading, process iteration and empirical precipitation leads to the unanimous recognition of more and more customers and even industry colleagues. The widespread reputation of the “Full-Screen” PV Module has ushered other brands to launch similar products. The continuous improvement of industry technology and the introduction of new product forms indicated that the Full-Screen PV Module series of DAH Solar has officially entered the 3.0 era providing better precision, better sealing, stronger weather resistance, wider scope of application and higher value of use. In terms of battery technology, DAH Solar closely follows the mainstream development trend while speeding up the reserve of new technologies. The TOPCon battery product line is fully equipped with LECO technology, which has higher battery conversion efficiency and stronger component stability. Compared with conventional PV Modules in the same dimension, empirical data shows that the annual average power generation gain of “Full-Screen” PV Module is about 6-15%, which perfectly matches the concept of the Japanese photovoltaic market to pursue the cost of reduction and increase of efficiency. As one of the world's major photovoltaic markets, Japan has a huge potential demand for photovoltaic products. Since its establishment more than a year ago, DAH Solar Japan Branch has fully followed the local industry trend, seized the characteristics of the local market, and established a good cooperative relationship with a number of customers. The “Full-Screen” PV Modules of DAH Solar have been widely used in many projects in Fukuoka, Okayama, Iwate and other places, winning praise and applaud for their excellent weather resistance and power generation gain performance. In the future, DAH Solar will continue to deepen the demand research of the Japanese market, and launch more personalized, differentiated and localized “Full-Screen” PV Modules and application solutions to meet the needs of various projects in the local market, further expanding the growing Asia-Pacific market. At the same time, the 17th Italian International Renewable ENERGY Exhibition (KEY ENERGY) was successfully held in Rimini Exhibition Center from February 28 to March 1. In addition to the “Full-Screen” series products, world's first SolarUnit integrated photovoltaic system of DAH Solar has also become the focus. SolarUnit integrated photovoltaic system provides convenient, efficient, stable and intelligent home green soluti...

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  • Full-Screen PV Module of DAH Solar Shined at The ENEX & The GENERA
    Full-Screen PV Module of DAH Solar Shined at The ENEX & The GENERA

    Full-Screen PV Module of DAH Solar Shined at The ENEX & The GENERA Exhibition The ENEX 2024 took place at the International Exhibition Center in Kelce, Poland. DAH Solar attended the exhibition with the global patent product Full-screen PV Modules and efficient double glass PV Modules, making a wonderful appearance. The ENEX is the most influential renewable energy exhibition in Poland and it plays an important role for Chinese photovoltaic companies to explore the Central and Eastern European market. The Full-screen PV Module of DAH Solar has been providing efficient and stable application solutions for household roofs, balconies, industrial and commercial buildings, parking lots and other installation scenarios for 3 years. While showcasing our star products to the visitors, we also harvested many inquiries and cooperation intentions. At the same time, the GENERA 2024 was also carried out simultaneously at the Madrid International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the past year, with the support of N-TOPCon technology, the maximum power of DAH Solar Full-screen PV  Module72P(2279x1134x30mm) version reached 585W, and the conversion efficiency reached 22.64%, which has been leading the industry. The Full-screen PV Modules have a good reputation in the European market, and were once known as the most comprehensive photovoltaic modules with anti-ash capabilities.

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  • DAH Solar Amazed the 2023 Solar Solutions Düsseldorf with Innovative Products
    DAH Solar Amazed the 2023 Solar Solutions Düsseldorf with Innovative Products

    DAH Solar Amazed the 2023 Solar Solutions Düsseldorf with Innovative Products The 2023 Solar Solutions Düsseldorf was held on Nov.29th in Düsseldorf, Germany. Lasting for 2 days, the 2023 Solar Solutions Düsseldorf gave DAH Solar plenty of time to showcase its most groundbreaking products: The worldwide patented PV Module (Full-Screen Module), the world’s first integrated PV system (SolarUnit), the high-efficiency PV Module (N-TOPCon BiFacialModule). SolarUnit, Leading the Way of Household Application of PV Modules Balcony PV products are developing rapidly in Germany responding to encouragement for the use of clean energy and the subsidy policy of balcony PV products. Besides Germany, the development of balcony PV products in other European countries is surely to grow. When it comes to the balcony PV installation, SolarUnit, the world’s first integrated PV system ingeniously adopts the integration of PV Module and the inverter. The integration allows SolarUnit to fit various scenarios, making it a perfect choice for users who are seeking products with performance and flexibility.The PV Modules and the micro-inverter are matched by the factory, making the installation process simple and easy, saving users the effort and the cost. The highest conversion rate of micro-inverter can reach 97.55%, the whole system has higher power generation and a lower error rate. The whole system can be monitored through the APP, only needs one step to shut down the system, therefore safety can be best guaranteed. The integrated PV system SolarUnit is an innovation solution of DAH Solar to apply PV Modules on roofs and balconies, when fitting the PV Modules into the buildings, it also fits the use of clean energy into the daily lifestyle. What’s more, the SolarUnit is equipped with DAH Solar’s patented Full-Screen Module. The Full-Screen Module is capable of decreasing power generation loss caused by dust and lowering operation cost. SolarUnit "roof + balcony" integrated photovoltaic system customer case in Austria During the preparation for the Solar Solutions Düsseldorf, DAH Solar held a series of SolarUnit roadshows in Vienna, Berlin, and other cities, and they all achieved great success. The“MAKE IT SIMPLE” roadshow aims to have deep communication with customers, provide professional instructions, and get a better understanding of local market needs. It surely helps SolarUnit to spread its name in European PV markets. The Differentiated Advantage of Full-Screen Module Remains DAH Solar’s globally patented product Full-Screen Module has been receiving recognition worldwide with the no-clean feature and the obvious advantage of increasing power generation. The all-black Full-Screen Module made a perfect combination of industrial engineering and building construction, making it a special favor for European markets, which ended with an increased number of orders among other PV modul...

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Global Technology Leading PV Enterprise DAH Solar Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency power generation PV modules, integrated PV systems, and solar energy storage systems. DAH Solar committees to provide better solar solutions innovatively. With more and more needs for clean energy, DAH Solar continues to bring a more efficient, convenient, and reliable series of PV products to global users. Technological innovation and patented products With our leading technological innovation and excellent product quality, we enable global users more conveniently and stably to obtain efficient clean solar energy. We have 200 patented technologies used in our PV products. Our global patented product Full-Screen PV module achieves front A-side frameless design, which increases power generation by 6%-15% (field test result published by TUV Nord) compared to the regular PV modules. The world's first integrated PV system, SolarUnit, could maximize the installation area of the rooftop. SolarUnit made the integrated design of modules and inverters come true. SolarUnit provides users with a more efficient, convenient, safer, and beautiful residential PV system. SolarUnit promotes PV products in the era of home PV appliances. World Recognized PV Supplier DAH Solar's products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In Latin America, we have become the TOP 3 well-known PV companies in Brazil. In Europe, the demand for our innovative products, Full-Screen PV Modules, is exceeding supplies. Besides, to provide better service to global customers, we have established our warehouses in many countries and regions, like the EU stock in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In addition, we have established very convenient purchase channels for global consumers. Customers can purchase DAH Solar’s products through distributors or official websites and E-commercial platforms. Social Responsibilities DAH Solar’s Solar Cells, Modules, and Inverters R&D and Production Factories Bases not only attract a large number of local high-end technical talents but also creates more than 2,000 job positions for local residents. Every year, we hold many social activities, such as donations to charities, responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing to community growth, etc. to advocate for social development. Our ultimate goal is to embrace the era of clean energy to protect the environment and the behalf of mankind. Employee Development DAH Solar is committed to creating a better career development platform for our employees. We seek equity for all genders and ages in the workplace. DAH Solar offers our employees a free team-building trip, annually. We believe that refreshing is another path to creation. DAH Solar is also concerned about the health condition of our employees. That's why we provide our employees with free health checks and a full package of healthcare. At DAH Solar, we treat our employees not only as team assets but as our own families.

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