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DAH Solar Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module: The Preferred Solution to Extreme Condition Applications

DAH Solar Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module: The Preferred Solution to Extreme Condition Applications

DAH Solar Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module:The Preferred Solution to Extreme Condition Applications The newly launched product of DAH Solar Full-Screen series: The Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module, has got many users wanting to know more since its release. It is the first double-glass PV module in the industry that has no frames on all four sides of the front. The global patent no-frame structure design allows the module to be anti-dust and no snow accumulation resulting in a power increase of 6-15%. On the basis of the mature 10,000 power stations’ application of the Full-Screen PV Module, the double-glass technology is like icing on the cake, bringing advantages such as zero water penetration, low attenuation, fewer heat spots and high efficiency. This brilliant combination of two technologies enables the Full-Screen Double Glass PV Module to handle various extreme scenarios, an absolutely preferred choice for harsh conditions.   For deserts with strong ultraviolet rays and heavy wind,the double-sided glass of the PV modules is very resistant to wear and corrosion. The water permeability of the glass is almost zero, which fundamentally eliminates the PID phenomenon, prevents the aging of the adhesive film.The Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module maintain the excellent performance at high temperatures and the efficient power generation in low-light environments. Lower attenuation makes the PV Modules longer life. And the up to 85% bifaciality rate can bring higher power generation under the same reflection conditions, which can better meet the demands of the surface power station, higher bifaciality and better reliability, are all the advantages of this Modules .In addition, the Full-Screen technology can also prevent the accumulation of wind and sand, leading to an increase of power generation.   For ocean and lake areas, the Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Modules use special materials such as double-coated glass, electrophoretic frame, waterproof connection, etc., to strengthen protection, and reach level 6 salt spray test certification. In snowy areas, the snow on the Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Modules is more likely to slide off compared to regular modules thanks to the no-frame design of Full-Screen PV Module, reducing the snow load pressure. In windy areas, compared to the Model 210 PV Modules, the Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Modules have lower risks of falling apart due to smaller size and weight.It has been tested to withstandthe category 17 typhoon. The Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module brings a better solution for installation in extreme conditions. As the founder and the master of the Full-Screen Module, DAH Solar will continue to deepen the research on innovation and creation, commit to develop more high efficiency Full-Screen series products to meet the diversified needs of different ...

  • Ranked BNEF Tier 1! DAH Solar Was Awarded The List Of Global First-tier PV Module Manufacturers
    Ranked BNEF Tier 1! DAH Solar Was Awarded The List Of Global First-tier PV Module Manufacturers

    Ranked BNEF Tier 1! DAH Solar Was Awarded The List Of Global First-tier PV Module ManufacturersModule Manufacture in Q3 2023, on 21st August. DAH Solar is on the list by virtue of its unceasing technology innovation ability, the accountability of the brand influence and high-quality product, and abundant bankability. DAH Solar gains recognition around the world. Currently, DAH Solar has formed its innovation-leading and technology-driven path for its cultivation in the land of photovoltaics. Authoritative certification, well deserved! DAH Solar’s innovations continue to be fruitful! BloombergNEF PV Module Tier 1 list methodology is a tiering system for PV module products based on bankability, to create a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of manufacturers of solar modules on the market. BNEF Tier 1 has been recognized as the 3rd party standard for verifying PV module supplier qualification ratings. Also, It is an important judgment basis for investment in many global PV projects. Due to its neutrality and objectivity, BNEF Tier 1 is widely accepted as a reference in industrial analysis. DAH Solar as the leading “inventor” in the PV industry has differentiated us from the market through innovational competitive advantages. After years of research and development of high-efficiency and high-quality innovative and exclusive global patented Full-Screen PV Module and the pioneering integrated solar system SolarUnit. Meanwhile, DAH Solar with the foresight to lay out the TOPCon solar cell technology. DAH Solar TOPCon solar cell (PE-poly route) has achieved an average conversion efficiency of 25.8%, and will soon exceed 26%, continuing to maintain its leading position in the industry. DAH Solar is listed on the BNEF Tier 1 because of its technological innovation, stable and healthy financial situation, and its in-depth industrial integration layout. This result is also the recognition by professional research institutes and global markets towards DAH Solar’s technology innovation strengthening and brand influence. In the future, DAH Solar will persistently increase its investment in technology creation and bring greater value to global energy users. DAH Solar has the ultimate goal of accelerating the global energy structure transformation and providing our very help in meeting the global carbon-zero ear.

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  • Our autumn trip--DAH solar staffs
    Our autumn trip--DAH solar staffs

    Autumn is cool, to the harvest season. DAH solar organizes employees to travel to southern Anhui, enjoying beautiful scenery and relaxing.

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  • Thailand 7 days trip from Company benefits
    Thailand 7 days trip from Company benefits

    In November 2019, we went on a group tour to Thailand. Experience the customs and natural scenery of Thailand different from China.

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  • China ChengDu tourism - company benefits
    China ChengDu tourism - company benefits

    At the end of 2019, we arranged several group tours. In October 2019, we visited Chengdu - a famous ancient city in China. Locally, we experienced the Bashu culture, as well as the local people's feelings and cuisine, which greatly improved the sense of team participation and belonging.

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  • Mount Huang 3 days - company benefits
    Mount Huang 3 days - company benefits

    The third and fourth group of travel itinerary, we arranged to go to Anhui's most famous classic, Mount Huangscenic area.The strange pines and strange rocks are the characteristics of huang mountain. We also saw a beautiful sunrise and an unforgettable experience, which made the relationship between the team more and more friendly and harmonious.

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  • Vietnam 6 days trip from Company benefits
    Vietnam 6 days trip from Company benefits

    In addition to domestic travel, we also arrange the foreign travel, this time we came to the beautiful Vietnam Nha trang. This is a a seaside city, we have seen the different culture ,know different people from different countries . for each individual has a different harvest.Relax on a beautiful island after work,it is indeed a pleasure can work in DAH solar which a  big family company. 、

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Global Technology Leading PV Enterprise DAH Solar Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency power generation PV modules, integrated PV systems, and solar energy storage systems. DAH Solar committees to provide better solar solutions innovatively. With more and more needs for clean energy, DAH Solar continues to bring a more efficient, convenient, and reliable series of PV products to global users. Technological innovation and patented products With our leading technological innovation and excellent product quality, we enable global users more conveniently and stably to obtain efficient clean solar energy. We have 200 patented technologies used in our PV products. Our global patented product Full-Screen PV module achieves front A-side frameless design, which increases power generation by 6%-15% (field test result published by TUV Nord) compared to the regular PV modules. The world's first integrated PV system, SolarUnit, could maximize the installation area of the rooftop. SolarUnit made the integrated design of modules and inverters come true. SolarUnit provides users with a more efficient, convenient, safer, and beautiful residential PV system. SolarUnit promotes PV products in the era of home PV appliances. World Recognized PV Supplier DAH Solar's products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In Latin America, we have become the TOP 3 well-known PV companies in Brazil. In Europe, the demand for our innovative products, Full-Screen PV Modules, is exceeding supplies. Besides, to provide better service to global customers, we have established our warehouses in many countries and regions, like the EU stock in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In addition, we have established very convenient purchase channels for global consumers. Customers can purchase DAH Solar’s products through distributors or official websites and E-commercial platforms. Social Responsibilities DAH Solar’s Solar Cells, Modules, and Inverters R&D and Production Factories Bases not only attract a large number of local high-end technical talents but also creates more than 2,000 job positions for local residents. Every year, we hold many social activities, such as donations to charities, responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing to community growth, etc. to advocate for social development. Our ultimate goal is to embrace the era of clean energy to protect the environment and the behalf of mankind. Employee Development DAH Solar is committed to creating a better career development platform for our employees. We seek equity for all genders and ages in the workplace. DAH Solar offers our employees a free team-building trip, annually. We believe that refreshing is another path to creation. DAH Solar is also concerned about the health condition of our employees. That's why we provide our employees with free health checks and a full package of healthcare. At DAH Solar, we treat our employees not only as team assets but as our own families.

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