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DAH Solar Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module: The Preferred Solution to Extreme Condition Applications

DAH Solar Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module: The Preferred Solution to Extreme Condition Applications

DAH Solar Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module:The Preferred Solution to Extreme Condition Applications The newly launched product of DAH Solar Full-Screen series: The Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module, has got many users wanting to know more since its release. It is the first double-glass PV module in the industry that has no frames on all four sides of the front. The global patent no-frame structure design allows the module to be anti-dust and no snow accumulation resulting in a power increase of 6-15%. On the basis of the mature 10,000 power stations’ application of the Full-Screen PV Module, the double-glass technology is like icing on the cake, bringing advantages such as zero water penetration, low attenuation, fewer heat spots and high efficiency. This brilliant combination of two technologies enables the Full-Screen Double Glass PV Module to handle various extreme scenarios, an absolutely preferred choice for harsh conditions.   For deserts with strong ultraviolet rays and heavy wind,the double-sided glass of the PV modules is very resistant to wear and corrosion. The water permeability of the glass is almost zero, which fundamentally eliminates the PID phenomenon, prevents the aging of the adhesive film.The Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module maintain the excellent performance at high temperatures and the efficient power generation in low-light environments. Lower attenuation makes the PV Modules longer life. And the up to 85% bifaciality rate can bring higher power generation under the same reflection conditions, which can better meet the demands of the surface power station, higher bifaciality and better reliability, are all the advantages of this Modules .In addition, the Full-Screen technology can also prevent the accumulation of wind and sand, leading to an increase of power generation.   For ocean and lake areas, the Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Modules use special materials such as double-coated glass, electrophoretic frame, waterproof connection, etc., to strengthen protection, and reach level 6 salt spray test certification. In snowy areas, the snow on the Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Modules is more likely to slide off compared to regular modules thanks to the no-frame design of Full-Screen PV Module, reducing the snow load pressure. In windy areas, compared to the Model 210 PV Modules, the Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Modules have lower risks of falling apart due to smaller size and weight.It has been tested to withstandthe category 17 typhoon. The Full-Screen Double-Glass PV Module brings a better solution for installation in extreme conditions. As the founder and the master of the Full-Screen Module, DAH Solar will continue to deepen the research on innovation and creation, commit to develop more high efficiency Full-Screen series products to meet the diversified needs of different ...

  • the Netherlands 5KW Rooftop Home System Solar Project——DAH Mono PV Module
    the Netherlands 5KW Rooftop Home System Solar Project——DAH Mono PV Module

    5KW Rooftop Home System Solar Project in the Netherlands——DAH Mono PV Module Elegant Europe, Comfortable life brought by solar energy. More details check here :

  • France 40KW 100 Pieces 460W momo PV Module Project
    France 40KW 100 Pieces 460W momo PV Module Project

    France 40KW 100 Pieces 460W momo PV Module Project. Currently we are supplying  high efficiency module DAH Mono Half-Cell /DHM-60X10-430~460W Solar Panel Product Characteristics More Power Generation Larger size of light receiving area and higher module conversion efficiency 10 Busbar Technology Higher power collection density improves power generation Stable Generation Performance Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance and slower power attenuation: first year 2%, 0.55% per year from 2-25 Higher Power Gains and Lower Losses Excellent low irradiance performance and low shadow loss Process Optimized and Upgraded Lower risk of hot spot and stronger anti-PID ablity Strong Environmental Adaptability and Great Durability Certified by Dust-Sand, Salt-Mist, Ammonia etc. weather resistance tests and enhanced mechanical load: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal) More products infos and demands welcome to Or Mob/Whatsapp: +86 13721041763 ,Open 24/7 .

  • Mexico 15.4 KW  Rooftop Home System Solar  Project - DAH Mono Solar Panel 445w
    Mexico 15.4 KW Rooftop Home System Solar Project - DAH Mono Solar Panel 445w

    15.4 KW  Rooftop Home System in Mexico,It's used half-cells high-efficiency photovoltaic modules provided by DAH Solar Mono 445w. Solar Energy For A Better World! in the future,We wish you walk out of your door in the morning into a green and liveable city,and all electricity is green。

  • Germany 750kw Solar Project - DAH Mono Solar Panel 460w
    Germany 750kw Solar Project - DAH Mono Solar Panel 460w

    Germany Karlsbad.750KW solar project Solar Panel Series: DAH Mono 460w

  • 300KW PV Project in Slovakia's National Park
    300KW PV Project in Slovakia's National Park

    300KW Project in Slovakia DAH Solar has accomplished a gorgeous project in High Tatras National Park, which is the largest national park in Slovakia. This awesome PV power station is a 300 KW project! Using solar energy is protecting our mother nature. DAH Solar aims to accelerate the solar energy application and provide a low-carbon lifestyle choice.

  • ​The Full-Screen PV Power Station Successed
    ​The Full-Screen PV Power Station Successed

    The Full-Screen PV Power Station Succeed The global patent Full-Screen technology eliminates the 5mm altitude intercept between the module frame and glass. This little change allows rainfalls wash away the dust and reduce the manual cleaning. Without dust shading, the power generation could increase 11.5%! Now, the Full-Screen PV Module series are available. The first Full-Screen PV power station has finished in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Mr. Jin is the investor of this project. Mr. Jin is very satisfied with the Full-Screen PV Module. According to Mr. Jin, the Full-Screen PV Module performed significantly. Compare to regular PV modules, the Full-Screen PV Module increased the power generation and decrease the maintenance expenditure.

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Global Technology Leading PV Enterprise DAH Solar Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency power generation PV modules, integrated PV systems, and solar energy storage systems. DAH Solar committees to provide better solar solutions innovatively. With more and more needs for clean energy, DAH Solar continues to bring a more efficient, convenient, and reliable series of PV products to global users. Technological innovation and patented products With our leading technological innovation and excellent product quality, we enable global users more conveniently and stably to obtain efficient clean solar energy. We have 200 patented technologies used in our PV products. Our global patented product Full-Screen PV module achieves front A-side frameless design, which increases power generation by 6%-15% (field test result published by TUV Nord) compared to the regular PV modules. The world's first integrated PV system, SolarUnit, could maximize the installation area of the rooftop. SolarUnit made the integrated design of modules and inverters come true. SolarUnit provides users with a more efficient, convenient, safer, and beautiful residential PV system. SolarUnit promotes PV products in the era of home PV appliances. World Recognized PV Supplier DAH Solar's products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In Latin America, we have become the TOP 3 well-known PV companies in Brazil. In Europe, the demand for our innovative products, Full-Screen PV Modules, is exceeding supplies. Besides, to provide better service to global customers, we have established our warehouses in many countries and regions, like the EU stock in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In addition, we have established very convenient purchase channels for global consumers. Customers can purchase DAH Solar’s products through distributors or official websites and E-commercial platforms. Social Responsibilities DAH Solar’s Solar Cells, Modules, and Inverters R&D and Production Factories Bases not only attract a large number of local high-end technical talents but also creates more than 2,000 job positions for local residents. Every year, we hold many social activities, such as donations to charities, responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing to community growth, etc. to advocate for social development. Our ultimate goal is to embrace the era of clean energy to protect the environment and the behalf of mankind. Employee Development DAH Solar is committed to creating a better career development platform for our employees. We seek equity for all genders and ages in the workplace. DAH Solar offers our employees a free team-building trip, annually. We believe that refreshing is another path to creation. DAH Solar is also concerned about the health condition of our employees. That's why we provide our employees with free health checks and a full package of healthcare. At DAH Solar, we treat our employees not only as team assets but as our own families.

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