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DAH Solar Assists the Italian PV Market Through Technology Innovation

DAH Solar Assists the Italian PV Market Through Technology Innovation

DAH Solar Assists the Italian PV Market Through Technology Innovation Key Energy 2023 was successfully held in Italy, on 22nd March 2023. DAH Solar's innovative solar solutions have once again won great attention During the Key Energy tradeshow. With the increasing need for solar energy, DAH Solar aims to provide global users with high-quality solar solutions and professional services. We always put users’ needs at the top. That’s why this time we showcased the global patented Full-Screen PV Module, the world’s first integrated PV system, SolarUnit, and the leading solar cell technology N-type TOPCon PV module.  As DAH Solar keeps the technology cultivation and application to the solar solution, the global users will benefit from the advanced technology and obtain more power generation income. We dedicate to providing a greener lifestyle option for global users. At the tradeshow, our Full-Screen PV Module water flow comparison test demonstration experiment (Full-Screen PV Module compared with traditional module) captured large attention. This water test clearly states our global patented product could solve the sore point, which is the dust accumulation problem in the PV industry. Since Full-Screen PV Module eliminates the front frame. This change could let the water run over the module surface and take away the dust and accomplish the “self-cleaning” ability. Because of that, our Full-Screen PV Module could achieve 6-15% power generation increase ratio. If the Full-Screen PV Module has surprised you, the N-type solar cells plus the Full-Screen technology will definitely blow your mind. The N-type TOPCon solar cell is the latest and leading solar cell technology in the PV industry. DAH Solar relied on its technology innovation advantages and perfectly combined high-end solar cell technology, N-type TOPCon, and global patented Full-Screen technology into one powerful and unprecedented PV module. We are confident that our N-type TOPCon Full-Screen PV Module will surprise customers in Italy. Another attention-catching spot during the Key Energy is the world’s first integrated PV system, the SolarUnit. DAH Solar independently developed the microinverter with leading technology. At the same time, we creatively combined the high-technology microinverter and powerful Full-Screen PV Module into one standard unit PV system. Therefore, our SolarUnit could accomplish a system efficiency of around 97.55% (maximum system efficiency rate), which is taking lead in the PV systems. When SolarUnit leaves the factory, the microinverter and module are attached together. Since we considered the complex installation process and the expensive labor cost. The integrated system could significantly help with those problems and make PV system installation easier for the end users. According to research data from industry organizations, the Italian PV installation doubled in 2022 compared to the previous year, and is expected to continue to double every year in 2023 an...

  • DAH Solar Support Brazilian Solar Business Development
    DAH Solar Support Brazilian Solar Business Development

    DAH Solar Support Brazilian Solar Business Development     On 28th Nov. 2022, our close friend Canal Solar, which is the largest PV media in Brazil, was holding the conference Canal Conect. This event is to bring together professionals within the PV market for interaction and exchange of ideas about the sector. Besides, it could promote networking and interaction to expand professional relationships for businessmen and businesswomen within PV sector. This event presents discussion and case studies for reference in this fast-growing industry.     DAH Solar was the first invited to this solar congress. Because we are ranking as top 3 PV module manufacture in Brazil. We value the Brazilian market. After we get the invitation, we decided to participate and help our friend with their event flawlessly.     We always know that Brazilian market values cost-efficient products. That’s why our global product Full-Screen PV Modules are so popular in Brazil. Based on Brazilian PV market, we will newly launch the world’s first integrated PV system, SolarUnit.     This product is focused on residential solar solutions. The Full-Screen PV Modules and the microinverter are integrated into one complete solar system. This product’s efficiency is as high as 97.57%. SolarUnit will definitely melt into Brazilian market, due to the specific application proportion in the Brazilian PV market, 60% of the application is residential.     DAH Solar always put users’ desire at the top. We contribute to creating more value for our customers. We make sure efficient solar energy more convenient.

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  • 5GW Topcon Solar Cells & PV Modules Project Signing
    5GW Topcon Solar Cells & PV Modules Project Signing

    5GW TOPCon Solar Cells & PV Modules Project Signing On July 1st, DAH Solar and Anhui Province Chaohu Econometric development Committee signed for DAH Solar 5GW Topcon Solar Cells and PV Modules Intelligent Manufactory project. DAH Solar is a fast-growing technology-leading photovoltaic enterprise, DAH Solar has always insisted on driving the rapid development of enterprises with technological innovation. Through the accurate judgment of the technological iteration of the photovoltaic industry, DAH Solar has always been at the forefront of industry technology. This 5GW Topcon Solar Cells and PV Modules Intelligent Manufactory Project is 210 acres, and the total investment is over 307 million dollars. This project will start to produce Topcon solar cells and PV modules around 2023. This project would increase DAH Solar’s annual production capacity. Meanwhile, as the Topcon technology application and production of the Topcon, DAH Solar would keep the leading advantage in the PV industry and enhance our brand influence.

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  • DAH Solar After-sale service 1000 Miles on the way
    DAH Solar After-sale service 1000 Miles on the way

    DAH has always been committed to high quality and perfect after-sales service. Our engineers from technical department visited the customers from all over China  for supplying after-sales service, nationwide and formed 1000 miles for about one month. They will check the solar power station operation situation and learn more voice from market, from end customers, to improve our products more .

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  • Signing Ceremony of  DAH Solar 4GW Smart Energy Intelligent Manufacturing Base Investment Project
    Signing Ceremony of DAH Solar 4GW Smart Energy Intelligent Manufacturing Base Investment Project

    On the afternoon of November 12, Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(DAH Solar)and Anhui Chaohu Economic Development Zone Management Committee reached a cooperation agreement on the "DAH Solar Smart Energy Intelligent Manufacturing Base" project and held a signing ceremony. Mr.Xie Shenheng, who is General manager of DAH Solar attend the signing ceremony of The Investment Programme. Firstly, Mr. Xie expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chaohu Economic Development Zone Management Committee for its support. Then he introduced that DAH Solar, as a fast-growing innovative photovoltaic company, has always adhered to user needs as the orientation, technological innovation as the core and based on global competitiveness. "DAH Solar Smart Energy Intelligent Manufacturing Base" project to be set up in the Chaohu Economic Development Zone in Anhui, with a total investment of 2 billion RMB and a total area of 150,000 square meters. 4GW PV module and solar cells production base are planned to be constructed. After the completion of the project, it will not only increase the company's production capacity, enrich the upstream and downstream raw material supply chain lines, and do a good job of "extending the chain" and "strengthening the chain", it will also bring more than 1,000 jobs opportunities to the development zone and achieve an annual output value of more than 5 billion RMB. To promote the agglomeration of the photovoltaic industry, promote the optimization of the industrial structure, and accelerate the realization of the goal of "zero carbon emissions by 2030". in addition to the regular production line like 182/166cells, we have many new products developed by DAH R&D team are promoting to the market. 1. Full Screen pv module : cut Low current pv module:check here know more 3.Set up warehouse in Rotterdam for ensuring Europe market timely delivery. Only supply Grade A solar module .More products infos and demands welcome to mail Mob/Whatsapp: +86 13721041763 ,Open 24/7 .

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  • Power Generation Increased by 11.5%! The Full-Screen PV Module Outdoor Field Test Report Published by TüV Nord
    Power Generation Increased by 11.5%! The Full-Screen PV Module Outdoor Field Test Report Published by TüV Nord

    Power Generation Increased by 11.5%! The Full-Screen PV Module Outdoor Field Test Report Published by TüV Nord TüV Nord published the outdoor field test report for the Full-Screen PV Module. This product is innovated by DAH Solar, and it has a global patent in 18 countries and regions. The report indicated the power generation for the Full-Screen PV Module is increased by 11.5%. The rooftops with small-angle installation conditions would form the bottom soiling due to the nature rain wash and the altitude intercept between the regular PV module frame and glass. This problem is the primary reason that causes the shade and hotspots on commercial and household PV stations. This bottom soiling could form a “shading belt” with different widths. At some extreme conditions, the “shading belt” could completely cover the PV module, which will decrease the power generation, harm the PV module generation capacity, and shorten the life span of the PV module. The Full-Screen PV Module with frameless front A-side design could let the natural rainfalls wash away the dust. This innovation would avoid the bottom soiling and eliminate the power loss by dust covering. TüV Nord Outdoor Field Test PV Power Station in Ningxia Province The Full-Screen PV Module outdoor field test PV power station is located in Xixia District, Ningxia Province (38°36’56.77” N,106°0’52.27” E). The demonstrative test was implemented by TüV Nord, which relies on its testing and demonstration platform. This comparison test applied 182mm Cells Full-Screen PV Module(DHT-M60X10/FS-460W) with frameless front A-side design, which was independently innovated by DAH Solar and the 182mm Cells regular PV module(DHT-M60X10-460W). To control variables, each module contains 6X30 pieces of cell, and the power generation efficiency are both 460W. All the PV modules are 182mm Cells PERC mono-crystal PV modules. The fixed installation angles for both types of modules are 5° (simulate the installation angles of color steel tile rooftop). The comparison groups used the same micro-inverters to achieve the MPPT tracking. These 2 groups could showcase the different power generation performances for 2 types of modules under natural conditions. Before the field test, the 2 groups were exposed to the sunlight 60Wh/m2 and tested the initial power. Then the lab controlled the installation method, ground condition (soil, sand, rock, and grass), and the length of the PV cable. The front irradiance is 170.28 kWh/m2 in April. DAH Solar produced the Full-Screen PV Module generated 73.21 kWh, and the cumulative power generation per watt is 161.17 Kwh/kW. The regular PV module generated 65.06kWh,and the cumulative power generation per watt is 144.54kWh/kW. Compared to the regular PV module, the Full-Screen PV Module increased the power generation by 11.5%. This field test illustrated the Full-Screen PV Module has advantages in avoiding bottom soiling and reducing dust covering. Analysis of Power Response Characteristics of...

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  • DAH Solar Corporate Initiates the Intelligent 4GW Photovoltaic Manufactory Construction
    DAH Solar Corporate Initiates the Intelligent 4GW Photovoltaic Manufactory Construction

    DHA Solar launched the new project, the Intelligent 4GW Photovoltaic Manufactory, in Anhui Province Chaohu Economic Development District. The celebration of the new construction was on March 18th 2022. The CEO of the DHA Solar Corporate presented that the construction consumes 2 billion RMB, and the overall area reaches 220 acres. The intelligent manufactory will enhance the competitiveness of DHA Solar. At the same time, this project will continuously provide over 800 career opportunities to local residents. The company has the confidence to increase production value to 6 billion RMB per year. The celebration attendees include the Deputy Director of Anhui Economic and Informatics Department, Wenbing Ke; the Secretary of Anhui Province Chaohu City Economic Development Party Committee; and the CEO of the DHA Solar Company. Besides that, Yabing hu who is the Member of the Anhui Province Chaohu City Economic and Development Party Committee took the chair in the celebration, which indicates the Chinese government focus on the sustainable energy development and actively promote the photovoltaic industry. The Celebration began with the speech which gave by Yabing Hu, and all the other attendees. The speech emphasizes the importance of developing the photovoltaic industry. The new construction of the intelligent 4GW photovoltaic manufactory is started at 10:58 AM, 3/18/2022. Weidong Huang, the Deputy Director of the Administration Committee, stated that Anhui Daheng Intelligent Photovoltaic Manufactory is the first and most important project in 2022. Since it contains high-end technology and leads to the long chain of the sustainable energy industry. The project shows our ambition to consummate the solar power industry. DHA Solar as the Number one enterprise in the photovoltaic industry steadfastly carries on to develop sustainable energy. The CEO attendees of others Corporate establishes the standpoint which is to work closely with DHA Solar to achieve the global aim -- Carbon Neutrality. Nowadays, the photovoltaic industry in China represents the global manufacturing industry, and Hefei City is the number one city that applies solar energy. Photovoltaic Industry will create a 200 billion RMB project on sustainable energy. Under that circumstance, DHA Solar will persistently innovate and contribute to Carbon Neutrality by providing higher quality products, and keeping the process line of production effective and efficient.

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Global Technology Leading PV Enterprise DAH Solar Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency power generation PV modules, integrated PV systems, and solar energy storage systems. DAH Solar committees to provide better solar solutions innovatively. With more and more needs for clean energy, DAH Solar continues to bring a more efficient, convenient, and reliable series of PV products to global users. Technological innovation and patented products With our leading technological innovation and excellent product quality, we enable global users more conveniently and stably to obtain efficient clean solar energy. We have 200 patented technologies used in our PV products. Our global patented product Full-Screen PV module achieves front A-side frameless design, which increases power generation by 6%-15% (field test result published by TUV Nord) compared to the regular PV modules. The world's first integrated PV system, SolarUnit, could maximize the installation area of the rooftop. SolarUnit made the integrated design of modules and inverters come true. SolarUnit provides users with a more efficient, convenient, safer, and beautiful residential PV system. SolarUnit promotes PV products in the era of home PV appliances. World Recognized PV Supplier DAH Solar's products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In Latin America, we have become the TOP 3 well-known PV companies in Brazil. In Europe, the demand for our innovative products, Full-Screen PV Modules, is exceeding supplies. Besides, to provide better service to global customers, we have established our warehouses in many countries and regions, like the EU stock in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In addition, we have established very convenient purchase channels for global consumers. Customers can purchase DAH Solar’s products through distributors or official websites and E-commercial platforms. Social Responsibilities DAH Solar’s Solar Cells, Modules, and Inverters R&D and Production Factories Bases not only attract a large number of local high-end technical talents but also creates more than 2,000 job positions for local residents. Every year, we hold many social activities, such as donations to charities, responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing to community growth, etc. to advocate for social development. Our ultimate goal is to embrace the era of clean energy to protect the environment and the behalf of mankind. Employee Development DAH Solar is committed to creating a better career development platform for our employees. We seek equity for all genders and ages in the workplace. DAH Solar offers our employees a free team-building trip, annually. We believe that refreshing is another path to creation. DAH Solar is also concerned about the health condition of our employees. That's why we provide our employees with free health checks and a full package of healthcare. At DAH Solar, we treat our employees not only as team assets but as our own families.

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