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Why choose 9BB Half-Cell Solar panel? What Is the Advantage Compared with 5BB?

Why choose 9BB Half-Cell Solar panel? What Is the Advantage Compared with 5BB?

Why choose 9BB Half-Cell Solar panel? What is the advantage compared with 5BB? As we all know, the 9BB half-cell solar module is currently the hottest solar panels model on the market. no matter in which market. But what is the advantage compared to regular 5BB solar panels? Let’s take a look with DAH solar. Advantage 1 To compare with regular cells size, 156.75mm, 9BB cells with larger cells size 158.75mm, larger receiving area, higher power output Advantage 2 Thinner busbars design, larger receiving area, higher power output Advantage 3 Less spacing between busbars, shorten current path, reduced resistance loss Advantage 4 Unique split junction box design to minimize the loss caused by occlusion Advantage 5 Unique circuit design, Combination of series circuit and parallel circuit,Minimize shading effect , reduced internal power los Advantage 6 Same Area Land, Bigger 9bb Modules, More Higher Installed Capacity DAH solar--- Professional solar panel manufacturer and complete solar power system supplier since 2009. In order to better serve customers and deliver solar panels on time, we set warehouses in Rotterdam port , Europe. All A grade, pick up in any time and supply door to door service. Stocks details pls check here Any demands or information, pls contact with us Or Mob / Whatsapp: +86 13721041763 , Open 24/7 .

DAH Solar resume production rate has reached 100%


No winter is insurmountable! The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)  is effectively contained, spring is coming.

Recently, the good news continues to spread about prevention and control of the epidemic.
For China, where the epidemic is most severe, Academician Zhong Nanshan recently stated that from the data. The epidemic situation in China has improved, and the absolute value of new cases has dropped;

From the perspective of the whole of China, the number of confirmed cases nationwide has "N consecutive declines".
Many provinces have seen “zero additions” for a single day. Orderly resumption of work and production across the country.

The first batch of vaccines has produced antibodies, mRND vaccine research and development has entered the animal experimental stage, good progress has been made in vaccine development.
These messages, on behalf of China's epidemic prevention and control work a while ago, has achieved staged results. The overall epidemic situation is continuing to develop.

We have Resumed Production

DAH solar's production base is in Hefei, Anhui Province, and this city has achieved a number of days of "zero additions" after a series of control measures such as closure, isolation, and disinfection. DAH Solar resume production rate has also reached 100%, and the full-scale production of solar panels solar energy systems have begun.

Workers still carry out personal protection measures such as disinfection on a daily basis. DAH factory uses fully automatic production line, so the workers do not need to gather, and full production safety has begun.

At the same time, domestic and international logistics have basically returned to normal, and the goods that have already been ordered have begun to be shipped abroad.

After the storm, it will bring a rainbow. DAH solar will try our best to bring more sunshine and warmth to the world with the highest quality solar panel and the most professional service.

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Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., LTD (DAH Solar for short) was established in 2009 with capacity 500 MW per year. we are a National High-Tech Enterprise,specialized in PV Modules development and manufacturing, PV power station construction and operation, maintenance and investment.   Our products have been approved by international certification like TUV,CE,CEC,INMETRO,FIDE etc.and domestic certification like CQC,Leader,ISO9001,ISO14001、OHSAS18001,etc. DAH Solar has already rooted in domestic market, in the same time, DAH Solar is actively exploring the international market, and has established the sales network in more than 50 countries all over the world.   DAH Solar continuously invests on the  R&D of the products and has already gained more than 30 patents at present. The smart PV module and  cloud monitoring platform developed by DAH Solar goes at the forefront of solar industry.

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