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solar power 2021 | DHA Solar Leading the World's Sustainable Energy Future

solar power 2021 | DHA Solar Leading the World's Sustainable Energy Future

#DAH Solar Power# #Half-Cell High Efficiency PV Module 550w# February 18, 2021. Today is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday. DAH Solar has resumed production and hope for a good start in the New Year. Today, officials of the Luyang District Government of Hefei City, Anhui Province and reporters from Hefei TV Station came to the DAH Solar factory to express their solicitude. The director of Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co.,Ltd and the team leaders of the production workshop accepted the media interview.And People's Daily Online, China News, China Business Daily, Anhui Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and many other media have reprinted reports. DAH Solar smart photovoltaic module production workshop has stepped up production of international orders. In addition, the new assembly line is about to be put into production, and the workers are carefully debugging and testing the products. As we all know DAH solar are professional solar panel manufacturer since 2009 with 1.5GW capacity, exported more than 100 countries, currently we are supplying new high efficiency module 450w-550w。 More info please visit us:

The 10th Iran International New Energy Exhibition in 2018


DAH solar attent The 10th Iran International New Energy Exhibition in 2018, we are not only a professional PV module manufacturer, but also an excellent complete PV system supplier.

Iran Solar Market Situation:

The 2016 Iran International New Energy Exhibition was held by the well-known local organizer M&T Solution and has been successfully held for 8 years. With an exhibition area of 9,000 square meters, more than 200 companies from 15 countries have been invited to participate. 

In 2017, the exhibition will be expanded to 3 pavilions with an exhibition area of approximately 15,000 square meters. The exhibition invites the local energy bureau director to attend the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony every year, which has laid a pivotal position in the exhibition. In January this year, the United States reached a final and final agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and stopped sanctions against Iran.

 In addition, the Swiss government has announced that it will relax its financial control measures against Iran. This resolution means that more foreign capital will enter Iran, and Iran will return to the international energy market, which will have an important impact on the world energy landscape.

Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., LTD (DAH Solar for short) was established in 2009 with capacity 1.5GW per year. we are a National High-Tech Enterprise,specialized in PV Modules development and manufacturing, PV power station construction and operation, maintenance and investment.   Our products have been approved by international certification like TUV,CE,CEC,INMETRO,FIDE etc.and domestic certification like CQC,Leader,ISO9001,ISO14001、OHSAS18001,etc. DAH Solar has already rooted in domestic market, in the same time, DAH Solar is actively exploring the international market, and has established the sales network in more than 100 countries all over the world.   DAH Solar continuously invests on the  R&D of the products and has already gained more than 100 patents at present. The smart PV module and  cloud monitoring platform developed by DAH Solar goes at the forefront of solar industry.

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